Yael, a graduate of the Parsons School of Design, New York, who worked in the Design Department of the MoMA Museum and as a lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, draws inspiration from the world of letters and typography, and creates personal works for her clients – individuals, companies and organizations. In addition, Yael manufactures for companies and organizations, in Israel and abroad, illuminated sculptures from Perspex on a logo basis. In the letters of the logo, Yael collects and places objects and miniatures, some of which were handmade by her, which express the story of the society and its essence.

The letters are made out of Plexiglass and have a few categories:

  • Selfie Letters – A designed Personalized collage printed double sided on the plexiglass, with or without light.
  • Engraved Letters – A designed Personalized engraving based on ones information lighted by led lighting.
  • Life Letters – A letter/Logo/shape, filled with hand made miniatures which tell a story about a person, company based on information given to yael.