How long should I order in advance?

Selfie letters with pictures: About 7 business days after approval of the sketch for printing. Sometimes the letters are ready before and we inform our customers accordingly.

Even engraved letters can be produced up to 7 business days from the time the information is sent.

Life Letters with objects should be ordered at least two months in advance and preferably even more.

***** All types of works must be booked in advance even if it is months before and we shall keep the works in the studio and send them out as soon as possible.

What is the order process?

First choose the right piece for you.

  1. Please note if it is lighted (with lighting and electricity) or without lighting.
  2. whom the work is intended: father, mother, friend etc. as we need to know who is the subject of the letter.
  3. date: Attention! It takes 7 business days from the time you approve the sketch Delivery sent for your For approval by e-mail
  4.  If the work is urgent, please contact the studio and check the options.
  5. Special additions: Dedication in graphics: up to 5 words, a dedication with a silver label affixed to the stand - as short as possible.
  6. Add to cart.
  7. If you've received a coupon code, this is the place to add it and accept the discount with this code. If you do not have a coupon please continue to pay.
  8. Please fill out all billing details in full
  9. Reading and approving the regulations.
    Send the order.
    Now, upload images in 3 steps indicated in colors 
    1) File selection 
    2) Click Upload files 
    3) Save files.

    Please wait for the files to finish saving until you receive the message in green: “Files successfully uploaded thanks for your order!”

What is the creative process and do you see a sketch before execution?

Yael Man, and a selection of designers she supervises, designs an exciting collage which combines up to the 15 pictures sent by you sensitively and with great attention to the details of the pictures. The collage is done professionally and meticulously so that the images will fit into each other naturally and eventually a complete letter collage is created. After we design it, a sketch will be sent to you for approval. In our experience, 99% of customers are perfectly happy with the results. You may request one change free of charge, all additional change will be charged at the rate of $50 each payable by credit card before collecting the letter or before the letter is sent to you.

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What are the letters made of?

Most of Yael Man’s letters are made of plexiglas, an elegant, transparent and prestigious material. Quite a few people think it’s glass but it’s really something else! They are less fragile than glass but should be treated with caution because they are easily scratched and may break down if handled the wrong way.

How much does it cost?

The price of each piece of art work is determined by the type of letter, the number of letters, their size and whether they are lit or not.

Please peruse our website, check our prices and choose what is best for you

Do you ship?

Yes, our prices include shipping. We try our best and choose reputable shipping companies for our art. Sometimes things do happen and if an art work does not arrive on-time, please contact us with your order number and we shall resolve the issue as fast as we can.

Where are we from?

We are located in Israel but we deliver our artwork all over the world.